Welcome to the stamp catalog! Another Round is proud to offer mini hot stamps on almost all of the discs in our inventory. The image below shows examples of our current stamp line up but keep an eye on this page because we're always adding new things and changing things up! Scroll all the way to the bottom for a list of all the foils we currently have. Feel free to leave a note on your order if you want a specific foil! Also, make sure you check out our Warehouse News article that answers some pretty common questions concerning hot stamping.




• Money • Wonderbread • Pink Glitter • Blue Glitter
• Pink Tron • Blue Waves • Blue Flowers
• Zebra • Roses • Jelly Bean
• Matte Pink, Blue, White, Yellow, Orange, Black, Green, Purple, Red
• Rainbow Kaleidoscope • Pink Kaleidoscope
• Crushed Emerald • Crushed diamonds

• Gloss Black • Ghost Kaleidoscope

• Silver Kaleidoscope