A little Bit about us

We love disc golf and want to share it with everyone.  

We believe disc golf is still in its infancy. We’re grateful but not satisfied with the massive growth of disc golf in recent years.  We see what is coming and we are thrilled to be part of the future of the sport.

We are passionate about local brick and mortar retail stores—so much so that we’re opening stores around the country. In community building they talk about our basic human need for a “third-place”. A third place is a spot you spend time when you’re not at home or work. We see our retail stores as third places for other people just as fanatical about disc golf as we are to be themselves and talk about the game they love over a beer or soda. 

We currently have stores in Charlotte, North Carolina and Denver, Colorado but have imminent plans for new locations. If you’re interested in franchising (either opening a new store or converting an existing store), feel free to reach out.

Brick and mortar retail is important but we’re also becoming a global disc golf brand. We realize we have friends and fans all over the place, so we have a very active online presence on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and Youtube. If you don’t have an Another Round in your town, the next best thing is connecting with us online. We love interacting with you. 

Writing about a brand is hard. It can come off as impersonal or slick. The truth is, you can’t talk to a brand. Another Round is nothing more than the people that run it and support it. 

Your support means the world to the real people that help keep the brand going…

Kyle, Joseph, Luke, Avery, Jason, Tracy, Grady, Brandon, Kennon & all our families are so grateful. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.