Posted by WHB on 19th May 2023

New Arrivals for 5/15-5/19 + What's next in the warehouse!

It's been a busy week in The Warehouse! Below is a list of all the new stuff that hit the site in the past week. Make sure you read to the end to see what we have coming next week! 


Halo Aero (Pictures of every Disc)

Champion Thunderbird (Pictures of every Disc)

Champion Valkyrie (Pictures of every Disc)

Metal Flake Champion Destroyer (Pictures of every Disc)

Star Leopard (Pictures of every Disc)

Star Wombat3 (Pictures of every Disc)


S-Line DD1


Royal Grand Grace (Pictures of every Disc)


Neutron Hex (Pictures of every Disc)

Blank White Glitch

Misprints (Pictures of every Disc)



Coming soon!!!

Kastaplast Misprints

Kastaplast general restock (More Bergs baby!)

MVP/Axiom/Streamline general restocks (paradox, trace, reactor)

More Innova restocks