Electron Entropy

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MVP Entropy: 4 | 3 | -0.5 | 3

At long last the fan favorite from the 2020 Winter Series makes its triumphant return! The Electron Entropy is officially making its way to a stock offering, allowing even more players to experience the magic of this overstable putter. As Electron plastic tends to beat in much quicker, this Entropy comes in with flight numbers of 4 | 3 | -0.5 | 3. It continues to excel as an overstable throwing and approach putter, with a more reserved profile and the dependable fade the Entropy is known for. Regardless of experience level, the Entropy will do what it does best - reliably land where you need it to - making this perfect for anyone’s game.

Please understand that despite ours and the manufacturer's best efforts to store and ship discs carefully, scuffs and scratches are still a possibility when ordering baseline plastic.