Woodland Douglas Fir

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AGL Discs Douglas Fir: 4 | 3 | -2 | 1

This is a thin, and FAST, approach style putter that works really well for players who don’t like those deep dish style putters. The Douglas Fir is beadless and is slightly understandable to neutral, depending on arm speed. Most players with faster arms can get this to flip to flat on a hyzer release; whereas with arms that are not quite as fast - this disc will be a very very straight flyer.

Woodland Plastic: AGL's base plastic that is blended with recycled plastic adn recycled rubber, which can be made in Firm, Medium, and Soft to give you the best feel. Typically made with 20-60% recycled plastic with teh remainder being regrind.

Please understand that despite ours and the manufacturer's best efforts to store and ship discs carefully, scuffs and scratches are still a possibility when ordering baseline plastic.